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Onze vestigingen

Societe Generale Bank & Trust - Luxembourg

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Societe Generale Bank & Trust - Luxembourg
11 Avenue Emile Reuter
L-2420 Luxembourg City
Tel : + 352 47 93 11 1
Fax :

Luxembourg, a sizeable financial market
Located at the heart of Europe, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is one of the ten largest financial marketplaces in the world.

This financial marketplace combines a stable environment, leading local and international financial expertise, and a multilingual and multinational labour market.

It owes its reputation and growth to a favourable legal environment with an international focus that complies with European directives.

Luxembourg enjoys substantial political and social stability and also benefits from a strategic position at the heart of Europe. Rigorous control systems and the active presence of its regulatory authorities all contribute to ensuring the security of investors.

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